"I will have 3 scoops please!"
"I will have 3 scoops please!"

Form building
Form building

Our own little fairy gardens
Our own little fairy gardens

"I will have 3 scoops please!"
"I will have 3 scoops please!"




Drop-In/ Make up Art 

Oct. 26, 2019   (10am-11:30am)

Nov 23, 2019   (10am-11:30am)

Dec 21, 2019   (10am-11:30am)

Jan  25, 2020   (10am-11:30am)

Feb 29, 2020   (10am-11:30am)

Mar  28, 2020  (10am-11:30am)

Apr  25, 2020  (10am-11:30am)

May 30, 2020   (10am-11:30am)

Mark you calendar!!!!

Student Art Show will be:

 Sunday May 3, 2020

3-5:30pm @ the studio

Please Note

Studio will be closed during the following dates:

Nov.  25-29, 2018

Dec.  24-31, 2018

Jan.       1-3, 2020

Feb.  18-21, 2020

April.    6-10, 2020

Studio ART: (Ages 7* - 13)
Students 6 yrs old,  and  interested in taking a class here at the studio, can call and make an appointment to have an assessment to determine if it will be a good fit

Students will gain knowledge and develop fundamental and advanced skills in techniques working with pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, watercolor, tempera, acrylic paint, print making and mixed media collage.  Students will also get the opportunity to learn basic carving, sculpting, and 3-dimensional building techniques by working with clay, plaster, wood and metal.  A basic sketch book or binder is provided to each student, the sketchbook will have your student’s name, and he or she will use it at the start of each art lesson.  The start of each class begins with simple instruction on a technique or style, which they can practice on a small scale in their sketchbook. The sketchbook is also a place where students can come up with some ideas they would like to explore on a larger scale. Because art is a process, and takes time, some projects may be broken up over 2 or more class sessions.  Thus, we will be working on 2 or more projects at a time.  

Art Party: (Ages 6 & Up)

You provide the snacks and space, and let the art come to you!!!  Art parties are custom and tailored specific for each party, whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette, company team building, date night, ladies get together, or you have a small group that wants to learn a specific art style or technique.  Since art parties are tailored to each party, the selection of different mediums used are endless. Choose from a list of projects that include working with pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, watercolor, acrylic paint, clay, metal, wood, and mixed media collage, and more. Call or email the studio to plan your next Art Party!

Private Lessons: (Ages 5 &up...Through Adults)

These lessons are custom, and sequenced to meet the desired goal of an individual student. Each class is 2 hrs long.  The class is One-on-One instruction, and can be tailored around any specific style, technique, or medium. A sketch book/binder will also be provided to each student.  Please contact Art Production and Design Studio at 831-334-3678, to speak with the instructor, who can develop a program to meet your specific goals. (OPTIONAL:  You may choose to bring a friend, sibling or your child (as a Mommy/Daddy/Grandparent & Me)  with you to your private lesson.  If you choose to do so, then the cost of the 2 hour private lesson is $45, for up to 2 people, and an additional $15 per person after that)

Parent & Child Art Class

(For ages 4 & Up) Created for Parent (and/or Grandparents, relatives) and their child,  to explore their own creativity through a variety of studio art mediums. Enjoy learning new art techniques and expand your art foundation, with the use of pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, watercolor, acrylic paint, clay, metal, wood, and mixed media collage, through painting, printmaking, small scale jewelry, sculpture and more. This class is a fun way to spend time together with your special little someone, in creating a keepsake that you can take home and enjoy. 



Drop In Art:

(Ages 6 & Up) Drop-In Art Classes are held one SATURDAY each month (usually the LAST SATURDAY, and on occasion 2nd to last Saturday of the month, please see Dates under SATURDAY Drop-In Art Classes list). Drop-In Art is a great time to come check out the studio, and bring a friend! An array of fun projects will be offered including drawing, painting and craft projects. Please call studio 831-334-3678, in advance for space availability,  $ 25 per class, no registration required. CURRENT ENROLLED ART STUDENTS: If you have MISSED a regular scheduled class, you may also attend the Drop-In Art class, within a 30 day period of your missed class. If you are using the Drop-In class as a make up class: PLEASE call/text/email the Studio AHEAD of time to reserve your space)