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Art Production and Design first originated back in 1993, by Stephanie Drake (at the age of 16) even though she was already selling her work at the age of 13.  At that time Stephanie was primarily doing commissioned pieces ranging from murals (both residential and commercial), and commissioned to do paintings  in oil, acrylic, multimedia and watercolors.

Over the years Stephanie continued to sell her art, went to college and earned an Early Childhood Education Certification, a BA in Biology, followed by a MA in Education, which also included a Single Subject teaching credential for Biological Sciences.  Even before earning her Masters, Stephanie was working with kids, tutoring math, science, and teaching private art lessons. She spent time as a scenic artist for both film and theater, and also illustrated medical diagrams, including business logo development, and brochures.

In 2003 she moved to her current studio location, and continued to sell her art, and paint murals, make wedding cakes, and custom cake toppers. She has extensive experience working with set design, and construction, and worked as a co-art director for large haunted house production with over a 20 person cast and crew that spanned over many years (1990-1997). At Harbor High School, located in Santa Cruz, CA, she was the science teacher 'that could draw,' and would embed art into the marine biology, chemistry, physics, and life sciences courses that she taught. On the side, Stephanie would do face-painting and balloon animals for birthday parties.  As a face-painter she would  utilize her theatrical and special effect make-up techniques, to wow the party guests.

In the fall of 2013 because of public demand, Stephanie decided to open her personal working studio to the public and began to offer a Children's after school Art program, as well as small group, and private art lessons to both children and adults. 

Stephanie prides herself, and the studio on teaching children and adults fundamental and advanced  techniques across all art mediums. She feels that by doing so enhances, and provides the confidence for her students to create the images they see in their mind out onto paper or in sculpture form.  Small class sizes ensure that every student gets all of their needs met, and that careful observation can be made to help the students succeed in the techniques that are taught.  Quite often science is embedded into the after school art program, because after all, science is Stephanie's other passion.

Since 2012 to the present time, Stephanie continues to work as an Art Teacher,  teaching grades K-12 at Tierra Pacifica Charter School,  Santa Cruz, CA.   She also is the  art director and teacher at Art Production and Design Studios. In 2015 Stephanie became certified as a SPECTRA artist through the Santa Cruz Art Council, and works  as an art teacher in the classrooms of other elementary schools throughout the Santa Cruz community.  In 2019, she received a Life Coaching & Therapeutic Art Certification, and values the extreme healing benefits that can come from art expression and the creativity process.

"Art Production and Design Studio is truly a unique platform for students of all ages, and all experiences to learn new tricks of the trade, techniques, and to enhance their artistic confidence, in a comfortable and enriching environment.  Much care, thought and consideration go into each lesson that I create,  which allows for students to build a strong artistic skill set.  This foundation then allows students the ability to take their visions and creative ideas, and transform it into actual 2D, or 3D art forms they had imagined.   I look forward to sharing my art background and knowledge with you.  Best wishes always, and see you in the studio!"




And should you like to see some of Stephanie's work, please visit the link provided...

A note from Stephanie...

Stephanie Drake

The APAD Studio's Philosophy

Art holds the key to allow ones inner self to come out in a visually expressive way, whether it's the enjoyment of the process of making art, or the end product that it creates....Our philosophy and goal here at the studio is to expose students to as many different styles, types, and techniques of art as possible.  This way students learn how different art materials are used, manipulated or combined to create a foundation that builds confidence, and passes to the student  a variety of 'keys' which can unlock an endless outsource of  unlimited art ideas.